History of Huxley Motorsport

Huxley Motorsport started in 1968. My dad raced a Ford 100e in Jalopy racing (grasstrack) and my mum started racing too, until she rolled, then she stopped. Dad went into drag racing in the early 80's and was champion in 1982 and 1988. He also went on to win the Street Racer Championship against the biggest guys out there! His most famous car was KE25 289ci, a small block Ford Toyota Corolla called CAN DO 2, from there dad bought a car over from the states to compete in. 

At this time my oldest brother built a 1932 Ford hot rod later called TOP BANANA, this car became famous in its own right becoming 1999 triple crown champion. My other brother darren helped out with CAN DO racing and raced a little himself, so as you can see racing is in the blood! I started drag racing in 2002, at 16, racing a cheaply bought MK1 Escort Mexico to run in the 16's. I didnt do that well with that car, but it was good fun! I later raced a Celica gt4 for it then to blow up.

In 2009, I decided after working for people that didnt know how to do a job properly, it was time to start up on my own. The first year, I built a 1967 Mustang, now known as DARK HORSE. Since then I have built many drift cars and track cars and even my 2ND IN CHAMPIONSHIP BDC Corolla ke70 making me quickest progressing drifter in Europe. This story will never stop and mental projects still going on now!

Keep your eye out for PROJECT 59, the oldest drift car ever built!